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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the most commonly asked question from new shooters and those that are less experienced with firearms.  Questions and concerns are vital when looking at firearms and training.  If you do not see your questions on this page, please reach out to us and we will spend as much time as you need to get your questions answered.


- Braden Langley





I have never fired a gun before, does that exclude me from a lesson?


Not at all.  At L.F.A. we focus most of our attention and effort to new shooters.  There is a reason that you bought a gun, and lessons are the responsible option to become proficient enough to be safe and defend your family, home, or yourself.  Everyone always has a first shot, in our opinion that is the best place to start.




Guns are powerful and I am a bit intimidated.  Does that go away?

Yes it does.  Firearms are indeed powerful and deserve your respect.  It is a similar feeling to driving on a highway at 15 years old.  The first time is scary, but after a while it becomes normal.  It is all about practice and repetion.




I have never fired a gun before.  How many lessons will it take me to become a good shot?

There are many things that go into being "a good shot".  First off, there are many fundamentals of shooting that we go into in our lessons.  Secondly, it is not about putting a bullet perfectly in an aimed place under pressure.  Utilizing the L.I.F.T System, I am confident that we can have you accurate and effective after just one lesson.



Is firing a gun actually safe?

Yes.  Firing a gun is a safe as driving a car.  The key is in the attention paid to safety as well as giving the activity a healthy amount of respect.  Follow the rules of safety that we teach you, and everyone will be safe.



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