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Whether you are interested in personal firearms training utilizing our L.I.F.T System, L.I.F.T Share, or are interested in Licensing and Franchising opportunities, please view the videos below each category in order to determine the option that suits you the most.  Gun training in Atlanta is developing, we hope you will train with us in the future!

L.I.F.T System

The L.I.F.T System was designed with the individual in mind.  This system changes the approach of personal Firearms Training.  We not only advise and teach you, but we show you your progress with cutting edge video techniques pioneered by our founder Braden Langley.  By utilizing video technology, we can not only provide an excellent lesson, but also a video that you can post to social media showing your friends your lesson and progress.  Gun training in Atlanta is evolving!



*This class is $99 an hour (per person)

L.I.F.T Share

The L.I.F.T Share option utilizes the same technology as the L.I.F.T System, only is focused on gun ranges across the U.S.  This system allows patrons of gun ranges to document their shooting adventure in a completely new and exciting way.  Not only is the video provided to the end client, but it is also uploaded to our YouTube page for the world to see.  The client is also provided a copy of the video in order to show all their friends and the rest of the world their shooting skills!  How will you stack up?


*L.I.F.T Share is *$59 per range session

L.I.F.T Licensing and Franchising

The L.I.F.T Licensing and Franchising option is offered exclusively to gun ranges accross the U.S.  This option is for those who would like to incorporate our tried and true techniques into their existing ranges.  This system is for those who are ready to be on the path to the future of shooting in the U.S.  Gun training in Atlanta, Ga. is evolving, come evolve with us!






*Please contact us for more details on this exciting opportunity!

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