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They're at it again...

The Problem

Our credit card processor Stripe, has cancelled our ability to take payments for the Constitution Counter.  This has caused all of your memberships to automatically cancel.  This is just another time that our 2nd amendment has been suppressed in recent memory by companies trying to "change" us and curtail our freedoms... This of course will not stand.

Our Solution

First, of course your memberships will not be cancelled in any way.

Secondly, we are just simply going to stop relying on 3rd party companies who can take away our freedom at will.  Going forward, we will be billing your card directly from our internal credit card processing through Quickbooks.  This will allow us to control our billing cycle, keep it in house, and safe from gun grabbing companies.  I have included the steps below going forward:

Our Steps

1 - We will be changing the subscription to a one month purchase on our website.  This will capture the first month of the membership.

2 - We will send you a PDF which will need to be filled out and signed.  This will function as your shipping address for any orders as well as the authorization to bill your card monthly.

3-  We will then let your 1 month purchase cancel automatically, while your subscription will pick up monthly afterwards.

3-  That's it!  Place orders as normal! 

*Legally, we are required to have a form on file that you have filled out authorizing the monthly billing for the Constitution Counter program.

If you are an active member
and haven't been cancelled
If you have been canceled
If you're looking to join the Constitution Counter, we will just start you off in the same way as canceled plans.

I will be reaching out to you in order to get you a copy of the PDF we need to have on file.  Then we will move you over to our internal billing personally.

If you have been canceled, we need to get you signed back up under the "one time purchase" model.  Then we just need a signed authorization for shipping and billing.

Sign up now for our plan!  Get products directly from the warehouse and don't wait on gun shops to get your items in stock.  Just join the Constitution Counter!

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